On-Site Courses

Your company may have scanning (SEM) or transmission (TEM) electron microscopes that are under-utilized or may be looking to purchase instruments.  Will additional education in the principles of these disciplines benefit you?  There may be need to train employees so that they have enough knowledge to use the instrumentation correctly so as to get the best possible data and avoid down-time. Do you need to quickly learn the basics of the technique to facilitate purchase of the instrument and accessories that are matched properly for the intended use?

With 20 years experience in teaching theoretical and practical graduate-level courses in scanning and transmission electron microscopy, DSimaging can provide that basic knowledge to help your company make the appropriate instrument and accessory choices and get the best imaging results.

In addition, with extensive hands-on experience with both biological and material samples, we can assist in many types of sample preparation. We will design courses on the principles of SEM and TEM that are customized to the needs of you, the client.

The courses would:

  • Provide a basic level of understanding of the specific technique (SEM or TEM)
  • Theory is instrument independent and applicable regardless of specific instrumentation OEM.
  • Hands on training on specific instruments and EDS systems (inquire)
  • Be tailored to the number and background of the  attendees.
  • Be held on the customer site, thus eliminating the expense of employees attending courses at remote sites.
  • Be cost effective to the client as there could be an unlimited number of participants at any one time.
  • Be 2-3 days in length with follow-up as desired by the client.

Contact us  for information about courses designed for your needs.