Former Students:

“I participated in multiple electron microscopy courses at Purdue University in the areas of TEM and SEM / EDS, and always found Debra to convey the concepts and information that would maximize the effectiveness of my time at the microscope. The courses provided far beyond a working knowledge and gave me the confidence to know I was getting the best possible images and analyses, a quality my clients have found highly valuable in failure analyses and consulting work.”
Ryan Spray, PhD
Exponent, Engineering and Scientific Consulting Company

“As a graduate student at Purdue University, I took Debby’s scanning electron microscopy course and received individual training in EDS. The course combined lecture and hands-on instruction that enabled me to learn the concepts necessary to use the instruments with confidence. This training provided me with the ability to obtain amazing images, some of which were selected as a cover article in a major peer-reviewed journal. This experience has become invaluable to me as a professor at a small liberal arts college, where very few individuals have experience in electron microscopy.”
Carrie Read, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Smith College


University Faculty:

“I have been working at Purdue University since 1986.  My research required various types of electron microscopic images, and Debby has been instrumental in obtaining highest quality images.  Debby has not only provided images by herself but also trained all my students and postdocs so that they can use the electron microscopes on their own.  For the last 22 years I have never worried about having the best images I needed for my publications and presentation, but have worried about her retirement.  Fortunately, even after her retirement I can get access to her expertise through her DSimaging LLC company, and I am sure that I will be dependent on it for the years to come. “
Dr. Kinam Park, PhD
Showalter Distinguished Professor
Biomedical Engineering and industrial & Physical Pharmacy
Purdue University 

“The Life Sciences EM imaging facility directed by Ms. Sherman was instrumental in the operations of my federally funded research program. Over the five years that I was at Purdue, there was not a single episode when this facility failed us in delivering the challenging EM images we needed. She taught my laboratory staff EM techniques and provided expert technical services and advise on more advanced applications.”
Dr Ozan Akkus, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Case Western Reserve University 


Training Courses and Workshops

“Debby captivated our attention and condensed the information for die cast applications in an exciting and informative class on SEM and EDX analysis. . She combined theory and practical application to maximize SEM and EDX usage of aluminum micro-analysis. Debby managed the class with organizational study guides and focus so that we were able to meet our goals in learning imaging of surface metals and EDX analysis. Our newly obtained knowledge will advance our quality program in defect analysis.”
Met lab Staff: Kent, Keith, Ryan, Aaron, Scott
Chrysler LLC Kokomo Casting Plant
Kokomo, Indiana


“Debby clearly has an enviable breadth of understanding of SEM theory and practice.  During an on-site training session in my lab, she was able to skillfully and cheerfully guide me through the intricacies of SEM/EDAX usage and was able to answer all questions posed.  Her approach is methodical and thorough.  I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Michael T Clarke MD, FRCS
Research Director, Syracuse Orthopaedic Specialists


Debby’s presentations were very clear and her methods were very sound.  We very much enjoyed having Debby teach us the finer points of biological sample preparation for electron microscopy.   And, She had very valuable perspectives on where to invest time and money to have continued success in an electron microscope facility.  My steering committee received Debby’s “wish list” for new equipment to update our sample preparation methods with open arms.  Personally, I really enjoyed Debby’s idea that many biological samples can be imaged very well in a modern high resolution SEM.  Finally, we hope to use Debby as a sounding board for future efforts in our lab and possibly have her back in a few years when we have purchased some portion of our Bio prep “wish list.”

Peter Eschbach, PhD

Director, Electron Microscopy Facility
Oregon State University



“As director of the high-resolution cryoEM facility at the University of Texas Health Science Center, I am responsible for training individual in many TEM techniques.  My expertise though in SEM was very limited and I needed to learn in order to provide the best training for my investigators.  A colleague recommended Debby Sherman to me because she is a respected and well known leader in the fields of TEM and SEM.  I took a course she hosted on cryoSEM.  I can honestly say that she is an absolutely wonderful teacher in electron microscopy making complex concepts in electron microscopy easy to understand.   She even had physical cutouts of electromagnetic lenses, pole pieces and other components of electron microscopes as teaching aids.  As someone experienced in training others, I recognize that she is one of the best I’ve seen.  With that kind of knowledge base and professionalism, it is not surprising that she is also an outstanding researcher and consultant.  I enthusiastically recommend her and her company, DSImaging, LLC.”
Dr. Angel M Paredes, PhD
Dept. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Texas Health Science Center